Behind The Scenes Look At Making Legend Of Korra Game

By BetaDaysUK

Third-person beat-em-up based on Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra animated TV series, a spin-off itself to the super popular Avatar cartoon series, is coming soon from Activision and Platinum Games. The Bayonetta makers have released the first part, of a two part behind-the-scenes video covering the games production and discuss the unique collaboration between all the companies.

The Legend of Korra will be available digitally via PSN for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, via Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and for Windows PC via Steam this October 22nd.

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Elite: Dangerous Team Talk Designing Spaceships For The Year 3300

By BetaDaysUK

David Braben and the Frontier Developments team return for a new video looking at the ships of Elite: Dangerous and talk of how they were designed and the influences behind them. Do you fancy something that looks sleek, sexy and goes like an actual rocket, or does boot space matter to you? The game offers craft to suit your needs …if you can afford it.

Elite: Dangerous, is now in Beta phase 2 and available to pre-order as a PC digital download for £35.00. A pre-order pack containing the final game and includes instant beta access is also available from the site for £50.00.

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Huzzar! New Launch Trailer Celebrating TinyKeep’s Release On Steam

By BetaDaysUK

Indie games studio Phigames and publisher Digital Tribe are proud to announce (rightly so because it’s a lot fun) that TinyKeep is now available on Steam. The new 3D permadeath dungeon crawler is relentless and great fun, so check out the launch trailer below to sample what dangers lay ahead of those wishing to escape the jail:

If you like what you see and as a further treasure until the 6th October, the game can be purchased for 34% off the Steam store price.

Check out our previous coverage of the game here and keep an eye out for our review and interview with TinyKeep and Phigames’ head warder, Phi Dinh, very soon at Push-Start.co.uk.

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#EGX2014 Interview: Creator Of Indie Game TinyKeep ‘Phi Dinh’

By BetaDaysUK

At the recent Eurogamer Expo (EGX) in London I managed to steal some time with one some of the developers showcasing at the event. Phi Dinh is one of those. He’s the creator, project manager and lead programmer at Phigames. His latest game is a PC procedurally rogue like dungeon crawler called TinyKeep. I spoke with him about it, the team, some of the technical aspects of the project, the Kickstarter and his plans for the titles future.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I’ve been playing the game for a couple of days now in the run-up to EGX and I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying it! I’ve found it fantastically addictive and also wickedly evil. For those not familiar with the game, can you give those an overview of what TinyKeep is?

So TinyKeep is a traditional procedurally generated world game but it’s more an action adventure rather than an RPG. Combat and environments are physics based which include traps and obstacles – and it also has interesting AI as well.

Congratulations on your Kickstarter as well. How did that come about?

I started work on this game about 2011 and it was originally a 2D pixelart game. The dungeon generation system is pretty much the same as it is now, but it was all in 2D. My little brother, who was 11 at the time, did all the pixel graphics for it and that was how it started. Then I learnt how to work with 3D graphics and use Unity game engine, I thought “this was cool” and put it on Kickstarter to see what happens. It got funded so was able to quit my job and work on this for a year.

You are working with an eight person team, is that correct?

Yes, I’m pretty much the only full time guy (programmer) and I started the project but have had people helping in different areas. We’ve had guys doing the art and a music/composer, sound design, voice artists and lots of other people.


Speaking of music I’ve started to follow TinyKeep composer Will Bedford and think he’s an amazingly talented guy.

He’s amazing, yeah, he’s still at university and this is his first game. He’s finished TinyKeep obviously and he’s now working on a game called Kyn by Tangrin Games, and also two more after that – but he’s still at University and I think he’s going to be one of the greats when he grows up.

One of the key things I’ve noticed with the game is the AI being fun to play against and how they interact with the world.

The AI individually is not that different from a normal game. They see you, they attack you, and they run away. But the interesting thing about the AI is how the different monsters attack each other and on some of the later levels you have, not wanting to spoil too much, five different types of monsters interacting with each other. They go to war and you’re in the middle of it all. You also have the other prisoners that you can release and they’ll try and help you or attack you. It’s just the little interactions that make the game fun and unique.

The environment as well is its own character, such as the traps. I had great fun luring all the enemies towards a spinning death trap last night.

The traps are the main thing. The combat is good, but the best way to play it is to use the traps to your advantage …and it’s more fun as well.

Going back to your Kickstarter you hit your target, but you had a few interesting stretch goals such as more heroes or multiplayer. Is that something you’d like to include at some point in the release?

I would do but obviously I’ve run out of money so until the game goes on sale we’ll take a look at the project again. The highest priority right now is to add local co-op and I think that would be amazing. It would add another level to the game and that’s where I want to be. We’ve also actually managed to include a lot of the original stretch goals into the game, such as extra environments and a lot more monsters than originally planned.

Multiplayer TinyKeep would be an amazing experience, shouting at friends to get out the way.

It would take a lot of time to implement but I think it would be absolutely worth it.

Last question and one I’ve been asking everyone I’m interviewing, is that other than TinyKeep have you seen or played any other games that you’ve thought looked clever, different or fun?

Obviously Gang Beasts is awesome, but also Monstrum. It’s basically you’re on a procedural generated Titanic type ship and you’ve a fucking scary monster also. It’s a horror game. It’s very different to TinyKeep – but it’s cool.

Thank you very much for your time today.

Follow Phi on Twitter and check out TinyKeep on Steam. For more information on the game also check out our coverage here at Push-Start.co.uk.

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‪#‎EGX2014‬ Hands-On Preview: Poncho (PC)

By BetaDaysUK

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This is my first post about my time at Eurogamer Expo 2014 and I decided to write it quickly because I played a game that was worthy of checking out and of some praise (plus its a little time sensitive). The game is called Poncho and it’s an open world puzzle-platformer with oodles of charm, but I don’t see it getting the recognition or attention it deserves – hence the post.

Let me start from the beginning. Wondering the floors or EGX I passed Delve Interactive’s Poncho a couple of times. I was rushing about between interviews and appointments so it wasn’t until the afternoon that the pace calmed and could soak in everything else going on. At the corner of the Indie Rezzed zone and Leftfield collection was this (I assumed) ‘cutesy’ 2D platformer. Loitering for a moment to repack my bag (damn those The Evil Within boxes are big), I overheard one of the co-creators talking with a visitor enthusiastically and as a spare seat become available I jumped straight in.

The premise is that you play a little poncho sporting robot (hence the game name), that wakes up and goes looking for his ‘maker’ in a post apocalyptic world full of wild tribal robots who occupy the overgrown forests and empty cities after humanity has been gone for centuries. If this wasn’t a cool enough premise on its own the games mechanics had me hooked. The niche beyond just being another platformer is that little Poncho can jump between three parallax planes (foreground, middle and background). To paraphrase another game it has you ‘thinking with depth’ to solve puzzles and find gems that allow you to purchase keys to unlock further new areas to explore. Presentation was also strong with sprites looking lovingly created (the ‘flasher’ trading robot is my favourite), as are the objects that inhabit the game and its environments.

Despite the demo being very short, it was certainly enough to whet my appetite for more of the Fez-esq experience.

Coming back to the ‘time sensitive’ comment, Poncho is on Kickstarter and only has just over two days remaining to reach its goal. If you can’t afford £1 (preferably more) to give towards the project please at least give it a thumbs up to it on Steam Greenlight.

If my words fail to convince you to check it out this game out, then going back to the Kickstarter or support on Greenlight, you can also grab the alpha demo here and try it for yourself!


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The Crew Beta Races To Consoles September 30th

By BetaDaysUK

Console gamers rejoice! Ubisoft’s new racing MMO, The Crew, is having its beta debut for current gen systems next Tuesday (September 30th) according to a twitter post. Those wishing to try the game should sign-up over at the official site. Successful applications will receive a code to download the beta over the coming days.

Despite it being recently being announced that the game will also be coming to the Xbox 360, we’ve had no word on when (or if) the system will be getting a beta.

The Crew will release for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on November 11th in North America and the 14th across Europe. For more information on the game, check out our previous coverage including closed beta thoughts here.

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Cyanide Studio On Making Styx: Master Of Shadows

By BetaDaysUK

Ahead of next month’s release of Styx: Master of Shadows, publisher Focus Interactive has released a series of videos talking with developers Cyanide Studio around various aspects of making the game. To meet the team and take an in depth look behind the scenes of the new fantasy set action Goblin stealth ‘em up, check out the below videos.

(subtitles required)

Styx: Master of Shadows arrives as a digital download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Steam in October. Those who wish to pre-order on Steam can do so at a special 20% off price.

Check out our previous coverage of the game here.

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Leading Victorian Explorator Bertram Fiddle Now On Steam Greenlight

By BetaDaysUK

Developer Rumpus have released a new trailer and Steam Greenlight page for Episode 1 of its new puzzling point and click comedy adventure game, the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle.

Described as an “intriguing, dark humoured murder mystery, full of intrigue, dark humour, murder and mystery” players must assist the dapper Bertram (with the aid of manservant Gavin the Cyclops) on a mission to hunt down Victorian London’s most elusive serial killer, known only as Geoff the Murderer.

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle comes to PC this November. While we wait to unmask Geoff the Murderer’s identity, show your support for the game on Steam Greenlight and keep an eye on Push-Start.co.uk for my interview with Rumpus at this weekend’s Eurogamer Expo (EGX) in London.

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Permadeath Dungeon Crawler TinyKeep Coming To Steam

By BetaDaysUK

TinyKeep is an upcoming indie crawler in which you play an unfortunate soul trapped in a procedurally generated 3D dungeon nightmare. In the vein of games like the classic Ultima IV and board games such as Hero Quest, players will find that to survive they’ll need to muster wits and buckets of bravery to fight the oubliette’s smart occupants, avoid (or use to your advantage) lethal traps and unlock plenty of mysterious secrets and treasures.

The projects originates from a successful Kickstarter campaign and is developed by the eight person UK based indie team of Phigames, spearheaded by creator and programmer Phi Dinh and will published by Digital Tribe Games. Check out the latest trailer below for a taste of what lurks in the prisons:

Those that feel up to the challenge can purchase TinyKeep on Steam for a discounted price (33% off) before its September 29th launch. Also both PixelChark and I are due to speak Phigames’ ‘Head Warden’ at Eurogamer Expo next week, so expect some more news and thoughts on the game soon.

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First Co-Op Gameplay & Art Of Gearbox's New Game, Battleborn

By BetaDaysUK

2K Games and Gearbox Software announced back in July that it had created a new IP called Battleborn. The new first person shooter would be in the vein of the companies’ popular Borderlands series, but fuse with a large roster of selectable characters, as well as include a DOTA 2/League of Legends type progression system. Today we get to see Battleborn in action as Gearbox introduces us to a lengthy look showing off some pre-alpha work in progress, 5-player cooperative campaign gameplay.

So of those shown, who’s your favourite character already? Mine has got to be the “dapper fellow” Marquis, the Gentleman Sniper.

Battleborn will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

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