I Say! Bertram Fiddle Explores iOS December 4th And Looks For Beta Testers

By BetaDaysUK

Jolly good. In an announcement made today Episode 1 of Bertram Fiddle is coming to iOS on 4th December with confirmation of a Windows, Mac, Linux and Android release to follow in 2015. The comedy point and click (mis)adventure game features explorator Bertram and his manservant Gavin the Cyclops who are out and about in Victorian London searching for the nefarious Geoff the Murderer.

In addition to the news of a release date, Rumpas Animation are also on the look out for Guinea Pigs (or should that be Peruvian Pigs) to test the game for bugs and other critters. Interested gentlemen/gentleladies can sign up here.

While you wait for launch check out our interview with the games creative director, Joe Wood, and give the game a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight.


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Legend Of Korra Behind The Scenes Of Game And Animation

By BetaDaysUK

Two new videos were published this week focussing on Activision Games and developer PlatinumGames’ The Legend of Korra video game. One looks at the relationship with the talented animation team at Titmouse who are creating cut scenes for the title, while the other has the developers return for part 2 of a behind the scenes look and how Korra’s adventures fit in with the TV series and its story.

The Legend of Korra will be available digitally via PSN for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, via Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and for Windows PC via Steam this October 22nd.

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Pimp Your Ride In New The Crew Trailer

By BetaDaysUK

Ubisoft Entertainment and Ivory Tower tease us some more with another The Crew trailer this time looking at car customisation. Drivers will be required to tweak three things for a successful ride: performance, adaptation and style. With a promise of “infinite possibilities” when tuning and changing spec (interior and exterior parts) you really can stand out from the fast and furious (and win some races)!

The Crew will release for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on December 2nd in North America and the 5th across Europe. For more information on the game, check out our previous coverage including closed beta thoughts here. A second console closed beta is planned for November.

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Advert For Star Citizen's New Craft & AMD's TressFX Tech In Action

By BetaDaysUK

Roberts Space Industries, the organisation that produces the in-game ships of upcoming space sim Star Citizen, have produced a new advert for its latest class of craft – The Cutless.

Described as a ‘jack of all trades’ craft The Cutless offers a multitude of combat and support roles. However it’s not just for those looking to be a space pirate, as the craft can also be outfitted for everything from law enforcement to search-and-rescue operations. In addition to some nifty space combat appearing in the commercial, we also get to see AMD’s hair simulator software, TressFX.

As with previous ships, the game can be purchased for real money for $115, however this cost does includes beta access to the game along with other treats.

CryEngine (and Kickstarter) powered Star Citizen is the brain child of Chris Roberts. Chris originally developed the original Wing Commander as well as Starlancer and Freelancer, so he certainly has the space chops for an amazing game.

Star Citizen‘s estimated retail release date is expected on PC and Linux sometime in 2015.

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Rumour: Steam Halloween Sale 2014 Dated

By BetaDaysUK

According to a leaked image made by a Valve employee, Steam is looking to hold another Halloween themed sale from Thursday October 30th through to November 3rd. The image which, if legitimate, is intended for games publishers on Steam to submit discounts for suitably ‘spooky’ titles (Alan Wake, Killing Floor and Outlast I’m looking at you!).

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The date and offer does fit in with previous sales run by Valve, so we’ll have to wait and see …but just in case you may want to hide your wallet.

Source: Reddit.

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Killing Floor 2 Dev Diary Talks Gore

By BetaDaysUK

Tripwire Interactive have released a new development diary for its sequel sci-fi horror FPS game Killing Floor 2, this time focussing on the games new dynamic gore. Calling the feature the ‘M.E.A.T. system’ (standing for Massive Evisceration and Trauma) the player will be offered a staggering amount of variety from your weapons when killing those pesky Zed’s. Part 1 of the diary can be watched below:

Killing Floor 2 has no confirmed release date, but will be coming in 2015 to PC and SteamOS.

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Kickstarter: The Flame In The Flood

By BetaDaysUK

The former art director on Bioshock and team of veterans of the Bioshock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band series have joined forces to create a new company called The Molasses Flood and are now looking to Kickstarter to fund its first project, The Flame in the Flood.

The game follows the protagonist and faithful hound Aesop who roams the backwaters of a forgotten procedurally-generated post-societal America. Fight the elements to forage for food, loot and supplies as well as use survival tactics to craft, stay warm, stay dry, stay healthy …oh, and avoid the unfriendly ecology!

Musical duties for the game will be produced and feature the talents of alt-country rocker Chuck Ragan, and a raft of (pun intended) other special guests.

The team are looking to raise over $150,000 with, at time of writing, under 28 days to go. Currently the game has secured over the half the pledges required and if successful it will come to PC and Mac around July 2015.

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In Oculus Rift, Everyone Can Hear You Scream. Rift Renabled For Alien: Isolation

By BetaDaysUK

If you thought scary games couldn’t be scarier, some ingenious modders on the Oculus Rift subreddit page have discovered a way to re-enable the already native Oculus Rift support back into the PC version of Alien: Isolation. Take a look at the hilarious video above.

Those lucky enough to own an Oculus Rift and the game can achieve the result by changing a small file in the games directory (as seen below).

  1. In ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML (found in the DATA folder) change the stereo options to:
  2. Set the Oculus to extended mode.
  3. In the oculus configuration utility pause the service.
  4. Start the game.
  5. To play the game normally, reactivate the service by opening the display mode and set it to “direct to rift” and viola.

Thanks NeoGAF for the heads up.

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Kickstarter: The Black Glove

By BetaDaysUK

Ex -Irrational Games staff who worked on the Bioshock series have banded together to form Day For Night Games and have submitted their first title for a Kickstarter backing, the surreal and mind-bending first-person game The Black Glove. If you thought Rapture or Columbia were a strange place, check out this games home!

Set in an “unstuck from conventional reality” 1920’s theatre called The Equinox, you play the latest curator of the place and have to try and return the environment to its heyday by interacting with fourth-dimensional space and assist the artistic residents of the theatre (an artist, a film maker and a musical act) by changing the past for them to improve their work in the present. To make changes to the space time continuum you need to wield The Black Glove and interact with the mysterious Equinox Mirror.

Following so far? Designed for repeated play as a small change in the past can alter the artists influence in the future. Inspiration can be gifted in various forms from 60’s era pop-art all the way through to cyberpunk fiction or sad-eyed clown paintings. Simple? Well on top of that you have a “Space Minotaur” and his minions after you whose taunts cause a mix of “existential angst and nervous laughter“.

Patronage grants you one ticket to The Equinox via a downloadable copy of The Black Glove for PC/Mac/Linux. Further tier support naturally gives you access to further content such as digital art books, t-shirts, beta access, your name in the credits or even face in the game!

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#EGX2014 Interview: Creative Director Of The Adventures Of Bertram Fiddle, Joe Wood

By BetaDaysUK

Since the games announcement I’d been keen to speak with the Bristol based Rumpus Animation team about leading Victorian Explorator, Bertram Fiddle. Episode 1 of his point and click adventures that is coming soon to PC, iOS and Android. I caught up with Joe Wood the Rumpus’ creative director at the recent Eurogamer Expo event to chat about the game and some of the influences.

For those not familiar with the game, can you explain what or who Bertram Fiddle is?

Bertram Fiddle is Victorian London’s second best detective and explorer. He also has a sidekick and manservant called Gavin the Cyclops and in this game they are on the hunt for Geoff the Murderer who’s been up to no good. You follow his moves, solve puzzles and talk to strange people on the way including Sherlock Holmes who is …a bit of knob. It’s a point and click adventure game and we’ve tried to make it, hopefully, funny.

I’ve been looking at some of Rumpus’ other work, especially Julian Sweeney and his Teeny Weeny Genie which is my type of humour. The studio has moved from animation to a game. How did that come about?

With Bertram he was actually originally created by Seb Burnett (creative director and writer/designer on the game). We’ve had the character for a while and written loads of scripts and made little animations but it seemed that the gaming community liked the character a little more than the people on the animation side, so that was the start really. We applied for some funding for the game. We still approached it as we would when making traditional animation, but obviously it’s a lot more work. It’s been really exciting and exciting meeting a whole new community of people.

The game is Victorian set. I’ve spotted on YouTube you’d liked a lot of Hammer films, some of which a little untraditional like Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde. Is horror or Hammer an influence?

Hammer was a big one. With the Victorian scene we put so much into doing it because it has all that weird science going on. You can do or have anything that’s modern but give it that Victorian twist as well.

Humour for Bertram is particular British. The game went to the Tokyo Game Show. How did it translate?

Seb went to Tokyo and apparently it went really well. We hoped that the Japanese gamers like that kind of Britishness. I’m not sure how well all the jokes translated though, I’m not sure the “My Grandfather has a massive clock” translates…

Or Lord Arthwipe…

Yeah, both myself and Seb have worked creating commercials at Ardman Animation in the past. They created Wallace & Gromit, which are really huge in Japan.

Going back to the humour, Bertram has a Cyclops manservant called Gavin. I found that quite humorous in my head. Of all the names you’d find for a Cyclops, Gavin is quite an unusual. I noticed also that his voice has changed from the original trailers I’d seen. Is he now …Peruvian rather than squeaky Yorkshire?

He’s been through a few and he was always meant to be Gavin the Peruvian Cyclops and it was finding someone who was up for a go at the Peruvian accent.

It’s not a particular Peruvian name Gavin though?

No, although I’m not sure it’s a particularly Peruvian accent either!

How has the game evolved from conception? Was it always going to be point and click?

It would always have been point and click as I think that’s what suits Bertram and these sorts of adventures so well. When we started we actually had more animation so we decided to make it all part of the game. We’d also animated cutaways for the game, but instead we thought we’d make it all part of the game.

Episode 1, A Dreadly Business, is coming to PC, iOS and Android. Do you have an overall story for Episode 2? Are we still looking for Geoff the Murderer?

Not to give much away but we are still looking for Geoff.

Episode 2. The Search for Geoff?

Episode 2 could take him anywhere.

I must say I have an iPad, but don’t play many games on it, but Bertram works very well. It’s very intuitive and works well for a point and click game.

It’s quite simple gameplay…

I find some point and click games too tenuous as to what you have to do. Although saying that I imagine judging from the style we’re going to see some quite weird and wonderful puzzles later on.

Oh yeah!

One more question I’ve been asking everyone at the show today, other than Bertram have you seen or played any other game that’s caught your eye?

Gang Beasts.

Everyone has been saying that!

It’s really nice it being next to us, but it’s also a curse as it’s so popular. I just find it hilarious just to look at. Even the title screen when no one is playing it is just hilarious.

Thank you very much for talking to me and I wish you all the best of luck with the game and Bertram’s adventures.

The Adventure Of Bertram Fiddle is on Steam Greenlight now (please stop by and give it a thumbs up). No official news on a release date for PC, iOS or Android has been given, but Joe mentioned all being well, we should get our magnifying glass out and keep a close eye out around the end of November.

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