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First Co-Op Gameplay & Art Of Gearbox's New Game, Battleborn

By BetaDaysUK

2K Games and Gearbox Software announced back in July that it had created a new IP called Battleborn. The new first person shooter would be in the vein of the companies’ popular Borderlands series, but fuse with a large roster of selectable characters, as well as include a DOTA 2/League of Legends type progression system. Today we get to see Battleborn in action as Gearbox introduces us to a lengthy look showing off some pre-alpha work in progress, 5-player cooperative campaign gameplay.

So of those shown, who’s your favourite character already? Mine has got to be the “dapper fellow” Marquis, the Gentleman Sniper.

Battleborn will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

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Elite: Dangerous Team Talk Of Memories Of Original 1984 Game

By BetaDaysUK

Today marks the landmark that is Elite’s 30th anniversary. Co-designer of the original space trading/space fighting game David Braben and the team of its in-development successor, Elite: Dangerous, talk about the creation of the game, first experiences and fond memories of the 1984 title.

Elite: Dangerous is available now to pre-order as a PC digital download for £35.00. A pre-order pack containing the final game and includes instant beta access is also available from the site for £50.00.

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Never Drive Alone In New The Crew Feature

By BetaDaysUK

It’s dangerous to drive around America alone, so make some friends and take them with you! In a new feature video from Ubisoft, The Crew takes a better look at the more social aspects of the game. Like in an MMO working together in a group has many rewards. Your crew mates can not only assist you with any challenging assignments you may have, but you can also gang up to challenge the many rivals that you’ll encounter from coast to coast.

The Crew will release for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 11th in North America and the 14th across Europe. For more information on the game, check out our previous coverage including closed beta thoughts here. For those interested, you can still sign-up for the beta.

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Imagine Dragons Celebrate The Warriors Of League Of Legends

By BetaDaysUK

Riot Games, creators of the super-popular MOBA League of Legends, have teamed up with alt rockers Imagine Dragons to create a special single to accompany the launch of the games 2014 World Championship’s. The track called “Warriors” was put together during a break from recording of the bands forthcoming album in celebration for the foursome’s favourite game.

Check out the epic animated video below and if you like the track, it can be downloaded for free from the games official website.

The League of Legends World Championship 2014 (also known as the Season 4 World Championship) has kicked-off in South Korea and carries a 1st place prize of £1,000,000!

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Rocket Jump & Instagib For Free As Quake Live Hits Steam

By BetaDaysUK

A free version of the legendary Quake III Arena, dubbed Quake Live, has been doing the rounds in browsers since 2010; however those Gabe fans will be happy to learn that the fast-paced fragfest is hitting Valve’s Steam system today! To celebrate id Software and Bethesda have released a launch trailer to allow you to reminisce or introduce you to game.

Quake Live is available now free-to-play on Steam.


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Die, Goblin, Die. The Many Deaths Of Styx: Master Of Shadows In New Trailer

By BetaDaysUK

In a new video from Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive they’ve taken the opportunity to show that it’s not easy being green – even if you’re Styx: Master of Shadows. As you skulk around the catwalks of the Tower of Akenash you’ll encounter many differing enemy types, and regrettably some will be quite more deadly (and smarter) than others. Guards and the towers occupants will react differently to your Goblin’s presence, so it’s very importance to use your abilities wisely.

See for yourself how not to play the game by watching traps and trolls breaking poor Styx’s bones in the video below:

Styx: Master of Shadows arrives as a digital download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Steam in October. Those who wish to pre-order on Steam can do so at a special 20% off price.

Check out our previous coverage of the game here.

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Microsoft’s Purchase Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion. But What’s Next?

By BetaDaysUK

After much rumour and speculation Mojang has officially confirmed that software giant Microsoft has purchased the Minecraft creators for a sum of $2.5 billion.

Although the price tag does appear high, Microsoft is optimistic that it will recoup the sale amount in as little as 12 months (by the end of the financial year in July 2015 to be exact). With sales of the game to be estimated already at over 54 million copies (!), a growing merchandise scene and a successful relationship with the company already since 2012 (when the game was launched on Xbox 360), the company knows it’s a pixelated cash cow with this acquisition.

Fears from fans were quickly voiced. Many asked if the behemoth corporation would continue the support, or even sever ties with, other platforms that the game features on, such as iOS, Android or its long standing rival Sony. Minds were soon put to rest when the Xbox boss Phil Spencer addressed the frenzied zombie bashers in a video published also today:

In other news of the purchase, and as also sadly rumoured, we had the news that creator and founder Marcus “Notch” Person will be departing the company. In a Q&A on the official statement from Mojang and a statement from the man himself it was advised that Notch “didn’t want the responsibility of owning a company of such global significance“, and just wished to work on smaller projects as he found the pressure of owning Minecrafttoo much to handle“. Markus leaves as soon as the deal is finalised and clarified for him it wasn’t about the money, but rather for his “own sanity“.

We can only speculate on what will happen to many folks’ favourite voxel sand-box game. Although both Mojang and Microsoft insist they are keen to highlight that business will continue as normal for all versions the game, many are still left wondering what will occur down the line. MS clearly has plans for the brand, but how that vision of ‘evolution and innovation’ will pan out is not clear. Will the purchase of the company ultimately change the nature of the game? Like an Enderman stealing our house bricks at night, can we expect bank account stealing paid content, features or updates? The console versions of the game have already added paid character DLC packs which have always been free to enjoy in PC. I don’t think they will. Not for a long while at least. Maybe in Minecraft 2 though?

Undoubtedly Microsoft will start slow at first. They’ll look at the IP’s marketing tenaciously and I feel we’ll see them create new merchandise lines as these have proven exceptionally popular since being introduced. Later I envisage the pushing of Minecraft via alternative purchase points – such as directly via the Windows Operating System marketplace, or even get the game advertised as being ‘optimised” for the new Windows Phone (which is due to be re-branded and re-launched soon). Windows 9 is even around the corner! Maybe we can expect a copy to be bundled free of charge with every purchase with exclusive features?

Microsoft mad men have some work cut out indeed on how to expand the game to new customers, but hopefully and more importantly not alienate the already loyal 54 million plus fan base.

Time will tell, but everyone does however agree that Minecraft is going nowhere.

*sSSSsss BOOM!*

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Marvel Super-Heroes In London To Protect Disney Infinity 2.0 Shipment

By BetaDaysUK

The Avengers and a raft of super-heroes (and some villains) arrived in London this week protecting an armoured van delivering copies of Disney Infinity 2.0 to the Hamleys Top Shop. That Green Goliath, The Hulk, were also present to (albeit not to scale) hold up Tower Bridge to ensure safe passage to the barge carrying the critical cargo down the Thames. Check out the video below.

All said and done, the video is a nice and innovative bit of advertising for the game out this week.

Disney Infinity 2.0 featuring Marvel Super Heroes arrives this Friday (19th September) on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & Wii U

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Some Say The Makers Of Star Citizen Like Top Gear

By BetaDaysUK

In the latest video from Star Citizen‘s viral site, Roberts Space Industries, ‘Galactic Gear’ gives us a tour of a new ship being featured in the game. Let it be said, like a Star Fox up a drain pipe, the new M50 Interceptor by Origin is going to turn some heads when you catch it in the act (etc. Jeremy Clarkson quote, etc.).

The price of this ship (and access to the retail and beta) you ask? Only $115.00. Too pricey? Well RSI have packages to suit all, starting at $45.00 for the final game and beta access.

CryEngine (and Kickstarter) powered Star Citizen is the brain child of Chris Roberts. Chris originally developed the original Wing Commander as well as Starlancer and Freelancer, so he certainly has the space chops for an amazing game. Star Citizen‘s estimated retail release date is expected on PC and Linux sometime in 2015.

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Design Studio Talk About Sunset Overdrive Style & Gamescom Murial

By BetaDaysUK

The guys at design studio I Love Dust were hired by makers of Sunset Overdrive to design the games logo, box art, in-game interfaces and store fronts for the town that it’s set in. In fact Xbox and Insomniac Games seemed so happy they asked the gang to visit Gamescom in Cologne this year and create a great mural for the event. Check out the team in action and a pinch of new gameplay footage.

Sunset Overdrive will exclusively release for Xbox One on October 28th in North America and the 31st across Europe.

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